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Deal with offshore fishery resources is a comprehensive title atrophy


According to People News , has to follow the five fishing vessels , took 11 days , but no harvest. This is the Zhejiang Institute of Marine Engineers GUO Ai is a fish specimens collected in Taizhou witnessed bitter journey. And he also faced "no fish dilemma" , as well Zhoushan , Ningbo, Wenzhou and other places fishermen. Tokai no fish , almost a cruel reality.

If you have read " Chinese tongue" , presumably still remember this scene : in the vast expanse of the sea , the fishermen nets big harvest , "Nature's gift " exciting thanksgiving . However , no fish is not only the coastal areas of the East China Sea , Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea , South China Sea , there were fish stocks plummeted. What erode this lucrative gift ?

Whether offshore fast pace of industrialization , predatory fishing or fishing , no doubt over our request , so that the depletion of natural resources . For example , the use of electric shock method shrimp , shrimp shrimp Sun were able to escape unharmed. " Exploit , would not get ? And next year no fish ." In the short term , the limited nature of self- repair capacity , uncontrolled development, will only make the old saying prophecy.

Such uncontrolled , can be described as a typical offshore staged tragedy of the commons . "You do not catch , they catch, you do not is a fool ." Thus says the east coast a fisherman . No rational use of public resources planning , effective monitoring when a lack of care in the public interest , everyone's rational choice , anti- collective irrational led to the final result , but also as exaggerated expression of the skipper : " We go die will die together . "

More than just fishermen so ? Entire marine pollution is the result of force . Land reclamation , coastal sclerosis and other projects , taking up large seas ; Linhai large heavy chemical projects have been started , let Sewage fish nowhere to hide ...... these , also in pursuit of local interests , to maximize minority interests, the public interest , public resources uncontrolled erosion.

To break the sea tragedy of the commons , requires a strong " commons administrator ." Marine economy promising, but control of marine pollution , improve the ecological protection mechanism is also imminent. Marine fisheries sector should continue to take measures, such as the proliferation of discharge, using the provisions of nets, cut small and large vessels , the development of offshore deep-sea fishing and other ways to recuperate .

More importantly , is optimistic about the commons , while coordinating personal interests and the public interest, short-term benefits and long-term interests . Older, single employment skills , educational level is not high ...... Most shore fishermen face many obstacles. Government to reveal all the details for low-income fishermen , for the loss of sea fishing areas suitable for unemployed fishermen to establish minimum living standard security system . In addition , changing ideas, by providing comprehensive job training and related services to guide fishermen ashore also be a breakthrough . In the rich aquatic Poyang county government training courses, guided around twenty thousand fishermen " shoes shore " into large farms from fishing experts , may be able to provide a useful reference.

Deal with offshore fishery resources is a comprehensive title atrophy . "East Sea without fish" , only reflection is not enough, more needs to act quickly , in order to coastal fishermen , but also for our future.

Source: People's Daily