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2015 marine economic output will account for one percent GDP


17, 2009, the State Council issued the "national marine economic development ," second five "plan ." Planning to determine the main objectives of the national marine economic development, " 1025" period : the total marine production of annual growth of 8 % of GDP by 2015, the proportion reached 10%.
The plan, to further enhance the overall strength of the marine economy . Stable and rapid development of marine economy , marine quality and efficiency of economic growth improved significantly . Gross annual marine production increased 8% in 2015 gross domestic product (GDP) reached 10%. Stimulating effect on employment marine economy further enhanced , adding 2.6 million sea-related employment .
    Marine science and technology innovation capacity further strengthened. Marine area of ??research and experimental development expenditure as a percentage of gross proportion of marine production steadily. 2015 , marine science and technology achievement transformation rate of more than 50% of the marine economy, marine science and technology contribution rate of more than 60 %.
    Further enhance the sustainability of the ocean . Economical and intensive utilization of marine resources to further improve the deterioration of the marine environment has been effectively curbed, nitrogen, phosphorus and other major pollutant emissions into the sea to get initial control , water quality in coastal waters remained stable overall . Yangtze River, Yellow River, Pearl River and other major rivers into the sea water and the Bohai Sea and other key improvements . New types of levels of 80 marine protected areas , marine protected areas by 2015, the proportion of sea areas under the jurisdiction of up to 3 %. Ocean disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities significantly enhanced.
    Marine industry structure was further optimized. Marine accelerate upgrading of traditional industries ; marine industries to achieve breakthrough in 2015 doubled compared with the added value of the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the proportion of the total marine production of more than 3% ; marine service industry with an average annual growth of 9 %. the proportion of the total marine production continued to increase.

Marine economic regulation system was further improved. Policy guidance and the ability to regulate marine economy growing, monitoring and evaluation capacity gradually, the standard sound system is increasingly opening up was significantly improved, integrated management system and further improve the coordination mechanism .

Planning involves the marine industry and marine -related industries including marine fisheries, marine shipping industry , offshore oil and gas industry , marine salt and salt chemical industry , marine engineering equipment manufacturing, marine drugs and biological products industry , marine renewable energy, water use industry , marine transportation , marine tourism , marine culture industry , financial services related to the sea , marine and other public services . For the 2011-2015 planning period , Outlook 2020 .