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State Department study to determine policies and measures to promote


Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive the 6th meeting , the study identifies policies and measures to promote the sustainable and healthy development of marine fisheries .

The meeting noted that China is a maritime country , marine fisheries are an important part of modern agriculture and marine economy . Promote the sustainable and healthy development of marine fisheries , for the effective protection of aquatic supplies , increase the income of fishermen , and promote economic development in coastal areas , safeguard China's maritime rights and interests is important.

The meeting discussed through the " Opinions on Promoting the sustainable and healthy development of marine fisheries ," clearly a major task in the coming period :

First, strengthen the marine ecological environment and improve the sustainability of marine fisheries . Strengthen ecological environment monitoring fishing waters , to strengthen the conservation of living aquatic resources , to improve the water environment . Strict implementation of the marine fishing moratorium in the system, strictly control the inshore fishing intensity .

The second is to adjust the production structure and layout. Control offshore breeding density , expansion of offshore marine aquaculture and intensive farming. Actively and steadily developing offshore and deep sea fishing. Vigorously develop the marine products processing and circulation .

The third is to improve the facilities and equipment and the degree of organization . Accelerate the renovation of fishing vessels and fishing equipment research and development. Strengthening fishing port construction and management . Fostering the growth of cooperatives of fishermen and marine fisheries enterprises.

Fourth, improve the livelihood of fishermen . Actively promote the construction of a fishing village , safe drinking water and electricity to solve issues such as jobs and incomes widened fishermen channels . Improved Fisheries Service , to reduce the burden on fishermen .

Fifth, strengthen fisheries enforcement rights and foreign fisheries management . Establish and improve international fisheries management rules and adapt to ocean fisheries management system. Meeting called for increased policy support. Accelerate the fishery , fishing and other infrastructure to support the upgrading of marine vessels . Perfect job transfer oil subsidies and fisheries subsidies , increase aquatic breeding , disease prevention , resource conservation , fishing equipment, financial support for research and development . Improve fishery insurance policy support , and actively carry out aquaculture insurance. The scope of fisheries into preferential agricultural water , electricity, land and other aspects .

Text Source: Chinese Government Network