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On the South China Sea, China's first systematic study of the evolution of coral reef resources


Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, March 12 (Reporter Liang Ganghua) - Into a major national scientific research " 973 plan" special research - " South China Sea reefs response to multi-scale changes in tropical marine environment , research record and adaptation strategies ," started recently in Guangzhou . It is reported that this is the first time the evolution of the South China Sea coral reef resources systematically studied.

    According to the research and special chief scientist , researcher at the CAS Institute of South China Sea more than overcome introduction, this project led by the South China Sea Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences National Research team commitments, aimed at in-depth study of the ecological status of coral reefs in the South China Sea , dynamic process and degradation mechanisms , High-resolution reconstruction of past changes in processes and patterns at different time scales of tropical marine environment , scientific assessment of the evolution of trends in the South China Sea coral reefs and adaptation strategies .

    South China Sea Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences , said Yvonne Zhang , through the systematic study of coral reefs for management, planning, protection of the ecological environment of protected areas to provide basic scientific basis in the future. At the same time , it will help to deepen our understanding of the overall global change , climate change science and policy-making , as well as to strengthen the sustainable use of coral reef resources nationwide .

Source: Central Government portal